Christen Dokk Smith is a master of Contemporary Viking Carving. The origins of Viking carving are mysterious. However, what is known is that as Viking seafarers explored the world from Europe to the shores of North America, they incorporated influences from carving styles and techniques they encountered. Fortunately, some incredible examples of Viking carving survived through the discovery of Viking ships Oseberg, Gokstad, and Tune preserved and restored at the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo, Norway. The Viking Ship Museum is where Christen Dokk Smith completed his apprenticeship under master carver, Bjärte Aarseth, and his Degree in Wood Carving with a technical specification in Viking Carving, with the museum partnering with the University of Oslo. Christen also trained in Norwegian carving following the Viking period including Medieval, Baroque Arcanthus, Rococo, and contemporary Viking carving.

StyleViking & Historial CarvingYear(s)2008-Present

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